UFOdyssey: 1994 Trumble County, Ohio

by | Apr 4, 2019 | News | 0 comments

A series of unusual events unfolded on December 14, 1994, in Trumbull County, Ohio.

Just after midnight on a late Fall night, a series of calls was received by 911 operators. These reports all involved one thing- reports of low-flying UFOs. The majority of these calls were heard by dispatcher Roy Anne Rudolph.
Reports mostly related a fairly fast moving, unknown object / lights that seemed to be descending. Naturally at first, 911 operators thought the callers were seeing a balloon, plane, helicopter, or other everyday object.

But, because of the extraordinary number of calls, Rudolph decided to notify the policemen of Liberty Township. The first police unit contacted thought that the reports were probably nothing to worry about, and that a plane was probably flying low.

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