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Dean Haglund (born July 29, 1965) is a Canadian actor, known for the role of Richard “Ringo” Langly, one of The Lone Gunmen on The X-Files. Haglund is also a stand-up comedian, specializing in improvisational comedy (formerly with Vancouver TheatreSports League). In addition to The X-Files, he played the voice of Sid in Tom Sawyer, […]

KINDA A BIG DEAL. Director, Co-Executive Producer, Cinematographer, Editor A graduate of the UCLA Film School and a certified Violence Prevention Specialist, Phil Leirness has directed five feature films to date, including the smash international success Story of O: Untold Pleasures (a modern-day, English-language remake of the erotic classic The Story of O) and Spectres (known as Soul Survivor on […]

Rafael began his serving his country with the United States Marine Corps. He went on to serve in federal law enforcement in ever in ever increasing capacities due to hard work, persistence and outstanding performance. His positions and assignments include as a Border Patrol Agent, INS Quick Response Team/Fugitive Operations, as a Federal Air Marshal […]

Nancy has been involved with the entertainment industry since 2003, working first as the owner of an IRC channel which functioned as a 24/7 go between for the show “Ghosthunters” on the SyFy Network. Then as a Program Director for TAPS Family Radio, and eventually a host on the two our Taps Family Radio program […]

Mark Conway has been a Chef and Media host for years in the Culinary world. With shows on TV, Internet, and now iHeartradio/ Podcast, Mark has developed a niche in the world of Food Media. As a Host with the World Food Championships, FoodSport Magazine, and FamilyMeal Radio Show there are realms left uncovered and […]

Robert Bower is a man with a mind unlocked, unleashed, uncontrolled, unfiltered and not so unusual! Thanks to an insatiable curiosity spread across a well fertilized field of imagination, he’s explored and become, a musician, artist, producer, engineer, indie music label owner, radio host, amateur historian and semiotician, citizen scientist, natural philosopher, technologist, Shiatsu practitioner, […]

I am a designer, Illustrator and writer of fiction & non-fiction, occupationally hovering in the advertising ghettos of Minneapolis & Saint Paul, Minnesota. But that is merely the “normal” side of me. I have had an illustrious career that sometimes seems and feels more the stuffs of fictional characters than the down-to-earth roles I play […]

Affectionately dubbed, “The Emotional Meatball,” Rocci Stucci… Rocci has a philosophy: “Through persistence, I finally found that there is a better way, a happier life, and serenity. It all starts within.” And on the heels of that philosophy, his mission is to help others understand that they do not have to be a product of […]

Danielle aka Dannie grew up in Texas where she where found her love of the stage. Danielle has performed on land and sea and lives for the arts. Danielle works with organizations in Central Florida to celebrate and promote them. Danielle is a sci-fi fan with a love of Star Trek and Dr Who! Danielle […]

  Eduardo M. Freyre is a lifelong geek with a long list of ways he’s shared his geekdom with others. He was one of the first hosts of Markwho42. He also guested on such podcasts as Tooncast Beyond, the Disneyverse Podcast and The Greatest Movie Ever. He was host of the Keepin’ It Reelz live […]

Patricia Freyre has been a geek most of her life. She is the co-founder of MarkWHO42 and The DisneyVerse podcasts and has also been a cohost on the Keepin’ It Reelz podcast. She enjoys going to Disneyland whenever she can and can’t wait for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to open this summer. She also met […]

Your average College Student watching an reading extraordinary things. Zion is n Aerospace Engineering Major and a complete space nerd who delves into everything that has to do with space both fiction and nonfiction. From “Legend of the Galactic Heroes” and “Mobile Suit Gundam”, to “Man into Space” and “Doctor Who”, If it has to […]


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