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  Eduardo M. Freyre is a lifelong geek with a long list of ways he’s shared his geekdom with others. He was one of the first hosts of Markwho42. He also guested on such podcasts as Tooncast Beyond, the Disneyverse Podcast and The Greatest Movie Ever. He was host of the Keepin’ It Reelz live […]

Patricia Freyre has been a geek most of her life. She is the co-founder of MarkWHO42 and The DisneyVerse podcasts and has also been a cohost on the Keepin’ It Reelz podcast. She enjoys going to Disneyland whenever she can and can’t wait for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to open this summer. She also met […]

Your average College Student watching an reading extraordinary things. Zion is n Aerospace Engineering Major and a complete space nerd who delves into everything that has to do with space both fiction and nonfiction. From “Legend of the Galactic Heroes” and “Mobile Suit Gundam”, to “Man into Space” and “Doctor Who”, If it has to […]

  Iggy Mathews, Executive Producer and Cohost of the award winning show, Markwho42. I am passionate in comic book lore, science fiction, movies and anime. This very passion led me to become the Founder and Creator of Let’s Be Reelz – A Geek Culture Production Company. Established in 2015. The journey has been exciting and […]

Doctor Who Fan since 1978, in 2012 Mark Baumgarten decided to use his Geekdom for Good and started a podcast called MarkWHO42. 6 years later, it has won awards, became a radio Show on Krypton Radio, and Mark has conducted over 130 interviews of Doctor Who and other genre celebrities! He used to participate in conventions around the country doing panels and moderating interviews as well. Maybe he will again...

Hoffman’s early education and training included gymnastics, ballet camps, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Herbert Berkoff Studios in New York. She was inspired to pursue stunt acting on seeing a Universal Studios Tour stunt show. She traveled to California to study at stuntman Paul Stader’s stunt gym. She began stunt work in the […]

Before I was the host of Trek Talking, I was involved in Star Trek fandom on many levels. I was a member of Starfleet International and IFT, and, currently a member of KAG. Back in the early 90’s I was a Star Trek convention organizer and ran the first IFT meeting convention. I promoted several […]

Adam is a 23 year old writer, producer, and editor currently living in Orange County, California. Born in Virginia Beach (and raised in North Carolina) Adam grew up making short films with his friends in the Carolina forest (hello Super 8) and quickly struck up a serious interest in filmmaking and narrative arts. After cultivating his […]

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Jackson Smith is a writer, director, podcaster, video essayist, and all around cool dude. Growing up in an industry family, Jackson started making movies the second he was big enough to hold a camera. Cut to 2017: now he’s a graduate of Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film […]

When you grow up in South Alabama there are three things that you don’t want to be: Fat, Gay, or a Geek. Jarrod Cooper survived growing up in Alabama while being all three of these things. This led to a life that has seen him having watched loads of Sci-Fi (both good and bad), read […]

Ryan T. Husk (born 3 June) is an actor, writer, director and producer who was featured as an Enterprise crewmember in J.J. Abrams‘ Star Trek and as a Starfleet officer in the 2013 sequel Star Trek Into Darkness. Husk is also working on several fan films including his role as Captain William S. Riley in […]

Best known as Nog from Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Eisenberg has appeared on TV shows including Tales from the Crypt, Amityville: The Evil Escapes, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, The Wonder Years, and General Hospital. He guest-starred in “Motherly Love”, an episode of Brotherly Love. Eisenberg had a repeating guest star role in the ’90s […]


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