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Adam is a 23 year old writer, producer, and editor currently living in Orange County, California.

Born in Virginia Beach (and raised in North Carolina) Adam grew up making short films with his friends in the Carolina forest (hello Super 8) and quickly struck up a serious interest in filmmaking and narrative arts.

After cultivating his craft at a high school media program, Adam spent two summers at USC Film School in Los Angeles, California. Following that, he enrolled in Chapman University’s undergraduate “Creative Producing” program where he met his ScreenFever partner Jackson Smith.

The two hit it off immediately, and subsequently tackled a variety of endeavors together — ranging from short films and feature scripts to podcasts (and even a novel)!

In 2018, they founded “The Home Experience” Podcast, as well as their “ScreenFever” channel — an outlet ordained to host their narrative work, critical analysis pieces, and short-form multimedia projects.

Adam has previously worked as a videographer, entertainment writer, and screenwriter’s assistant. He currently works as an editor for



Odyssey: Dare To Wonder

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