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DJ Starsage is the creator and producer of ‘The Faraway Nearby’, a podcast set in a fictional, mystical kingdom where conversations (often with his bestie) take place on topics ranging from movies, music, television and current events. Frequent guests include: popular podcasting personalities involved in producing, acting and writing. Currently entering its Fourthn Season!

More recently DJ has entered the second season of his personal journal show, ‘Surely, You Jest!’, where he shares his day-to-day meanderings about: home ownership, the daily grind and family life. DJ also has a new podcast about film and television trivia, ‘Matinee Minutiae’, that he co-hosts with fellow podcaster Toppie Smellie. Live every other Friday at 8pm Eastern

DJ is also the founder and chairman of UniVoz, a guild of like-minded podcasting programming bonded together in support of issues facing the LGBTQ and ally community. “Unified, Unique, Voices!”

In real life DJ is a fortysomething gay man who lives and works in western New York State along with his husband Billy and three cats.


Odyssey: Dare To Wonder

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