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Before I was the host of Trek Talking, I was involved in Star Trek fandom on many levels. I was a member of Starfleet International and IFT, and, currently a member of KAG. Back in the early 90’s I was a Star Trek convention organizer and ran the first IFT meeting convention. I promoted several conventions, and attended dozens as a fan. I am the father of an awesome daughter, who is, also involved in Star Trek fandom, and, is a co-host on Trek Talking. I work with a great team on Trek Talking, and, we just reached 13,000 downloads. I plan on expanding into a video format and have a Patreon account to help with the cost involved. Our 257th episode was just released I hope to keep doing Trek Talking for many years to come. I love Star Trek, and, Star Trek fans are the best fans in the world.


Odyssey: Dare To Wonder

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