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Hoffman’s early education and training included gymnastics, ballet camps, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Herbert Berkoff Studios in New York. She was inspired to pursue stunt acting on seeing a Universal Studios Tour stunt show. She traveled to California to study at stuntman Paul Stader’s stunt gym.

She began stunt work in the 1970s with the film Two-Minute Warning (1976), and several television series, including Police Story and M*A*S*H. She performed a 78-foot high fall into water for The Love Boat, and did some work on Fantasy Island and Charlie’s Angels. She was the double for the six-foot tall Lainie Kazan in a circular stair fall for Columbo. She also stunt doubled for Doris Roberts in the TV series Remington Steele. Film acting work included Avalanche (1978), Deadly Friend (1986), Trust Me (1989) and Naked Gun (1988).

Hoffman played the Hall Guard (Krueger) in Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), and performed stunt work in I Wanna Hold Your Hand (1978), Motel Hell (1980), Resurrection (1980), Clue (1985), Alien Nation (1988), Mars (1997) and Mystery Men (1999). She served as stunt coordinator for, and acted in, the ABC After School Special Me and My Hormones (1996). She performed as the stunt-double for Laurie Metcalf in Scream 2 (1997).
Hoffman was the first stuntwoman elected to the Screen Actors Guild Board of Directors, where she served from 1981 to 1985. As a director, she advocated for stuntwomen and stuntpersons of color, advocating for equal work and representation in the union.
From the 1990s onward, she worked as a stunt coordinator and rigger on several films, as well as continuing to double for several actresses in feature films and television. Her work includes stunt acting roles in multiple episodes of the Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine television series. Hoffman provided stunt coordination for student film productions for USC, Loyola Marymount University and UCLA.


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