Mark Baumgarten

Mark Baumgarten has been a fan of Doctor Who since 1978. He has been involved in fandom since 1981 when he started volunteering and then working for both the Omnicon and Tropicon conventions in South Florida. He even helped Dan Harris with the first Doctor Who Sci-Fi Sea Cruise in 1988 on the show’s 25th Anniversary.

He studied TV/Radio Production in college and ran a small TV studio in South Miami in the 1990’s. He even co-directed and co-edited a documentary on the after effects of Hurricane Andrew which was shown at a Disaster Convention in Washington DC attended by then President Bill Clinton.

After a break from fandom in the 2000’s, 2010 to be exact, Mark still had a love for Doctor Who and would annoy his girlfriend when they watched Doctor Who because he would recite lines and give plot points before they happened, blaming his “ability” to foresee the episode’s conclusion by saying he could tell where the writer of the episode was going because it’s how he would have wrote it. She convinced him to use his “powers” for good, and he started helping at conventions again, sometimes selling merchandise through his company markwho42 Books.

In 2012, he and newbie Who fan Patricia Helm (-Freyre) started Facebook and Tumblr pages which were a bit NSFW. Feeling it was a limited Doctor Who niche (after talking to Doctor Who author David A McIntee) Mark made it a family page and in August started the Markwho42 and Torrid Tori Podcast which was 8 episodes of improv characters, reviews of current Doctor Who episodes in said characters, and sound effects galore. But when the current season of Who ended, Mark was dissatisfied.

Time for a redo, and in November 2012, Mark, Patricia, and Eduardo M. Freyre started MarkWHO42’s WHOniverse which over the years since then was shortened to the affectionate simpler MarkWHO42. The show has had over 200 episodes with a changing roster of cohosts but Mark Baumgarten has stayed as host, director, producer, editor, and owner of the MarkWHO42 brand. They have had over 125 interviews with at least 100 of them from the world of Doctor Who. Some of the other guests have been from other genre shows proving that the show goes from the WHOniverse and Beyond!

Mark and his team are featured panelists and moderators at conventions across the United States and the TARDIS has only just started!


Odyssey: Dare To Wonder

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