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Don’t call him a nerd — that’s for smart people. Michael Hinman considers himself a geek. He loves the genre, and just about everything about it (except for the cultists), growing up on “Star Trek” and “Lost in Space,” while the original Star Wars trilogy got him through mono when he was in sixth grade, watching it over and over and over again.

In any event, Michael is best known, probably infamously, for creating SyFy — no, not the cable channel, but the word “SyFy.” Yes, in a back bedroom of his dad’s house just outside of Tampa, Florida, in August 1998, Michael thought about how cool the name “Lynyrd Skynyrd” was, and turned “Sci-Fi” into “SyFy.” And the genre community has hated him ever since.

He launched what would become SyFy Portal on Aug. 13, 1998, which rebranded to Airlock Alpha in 2009 after he sold “SyFy” to NBCUniversal. There were times that SyFy Portal was one of the biggest independent entertainment news sites out there, originally focusing on spoilers and news, and later moving to news and rumors. Wanted to know who the final Cylon was in “Battlestar Galactica”? Michael Hinman had it first. Shocked that “Sarah Connor Chronicles” got another season? You wouldn’t have been if you were reading what Michael Hinman wrote.

Michael was at the top of the world. Not only was Airlock Alpha doing great, but he also hosted a popular podcast first called SyFy Radio, and later Alpha Waves Radio.

But then came the tragic accident that would change his life forever. Michael accidentally found himself on the small Caribbean island of Grenada for two years, and with that came what was supposed to be his retirement from not only entertainment journalism, but journalism altogether.

After suffering through amazing Caribbean sunshine, miles and miles of beaches, and amazing 12-hour days all year round, Michael finally escaped to New York City, where he became the editor of a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper in the Bronx that, for the last time, has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE “RIVERDALE” TELEVISION SERIES!!!!

Oh, sorry. Just a little sensitive about that.

Anyway, one day Russ Haslage saw Michael on a street corner, trying to entertain people with his science-fiction knowledge. Noticing the coin cup was completely empty, Russ had a better idea — “Why don’t you bring back Alpha Waves Radio?”

“But where would we broadcast this? The speakers on my laptop are only so loud, and might reach one, maybe two people.”

“Come to Odyssey,” Russ said. And just like magic, Michael found himself back on the air, hosting Alpha Waves Radio, like he never left.

And you can hear him every Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET, and whenever else Michael can beg Russ to get him on the schedule.

Oh, and that little boy we forgot to mention in the beginning of this bio? He grew up to become Thanos, head of Fox News.


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