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Director, Co-Executive Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

A graduate of the UCLA Film School and a certified Violence Prevention Specialist, Phil Leirness has directed five feature films to date, including the smash international success Story of O: Untold Pleasures (a modern-day, English-language remake of the erotic classic The Story of O) and Spectres (known as Soul Survivor on Lifetime television), a science-fiction ghost story focusing on the estranged relationship between a workaholic mother and her suicidal teenaged daughter. Most recently, Phil co-directed, co-executive produced and served as director of photography on Karl Rove, I Love You, a fictional documentary The Huffington Post described as “a political Blair Witch project.” After earning rave reviews, winning awards and playing to sold-out audiences around the globe, the film will was released onto DVD in July 2010. From 2005 through 2008, Phil served as Managing Director of international film distribution and sales company Cinema Arts Entertainment and its sister company, Artedis S.A. (Paris). Before that, Phil served as Director of Acquisitions and Development for Shadowland, the feature film division of Pasadena-based GOAL productions he helped found. During his tenure, Phil oversaw the development of the PBS documentary The Great Year and directed more than forty documentary short subjects. Along with Dean Haglund, Phil co-hosts the weekly podcast show “Chillpak Hollywood Hour” on the ODYSY Radio Network.



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