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Rafael began his serving his country with the United States Marine Corps. He went on to serve in federal law enforcement in ever in ever increasing capacities due to hard work, persistence and outstanding performance. His positions and assignments include as a Border Patrol Agent, INS Quick Response Team/Fugitive Operations, as a Federal Air Marshal after 9/11, and as a Special Agent for the US Customs Service and ICE. As a Special Agent, Rafael was primarily assigned to narcotics smuggling investigations where he made record seizures of drug money and narcotics for his office. Rafael was also assigned to the DEA Task Force, the DEA Airport Interdiction Task Force, the Federal Financial Crimes Task Force, cyber-crimes investigations, and temporarily to the counter-terrorism division at ICE Headquarters in Washington, DC.

After federal service, Rafael went on to provide supply chain security consulting services along the Mexican and maritime borders. This included consulting for supply chain companies to get into compliance with the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism and Maritime Transportation Security Act both in the United States and internationally. This included training and providing highly trained Anti Smuggling and Anti Terrorism Officers aboard vessels traveling globally. Through associations with other professionals in the protection industry Rafael has become deeply involved in executive protection, workplace violence and has done multiple undercover operations for corporations to disrupt drug trafficking and theft rings within their facilities. Rafael has also managed security programs for two cruise lines, a corporate building and and multiple large events with thousands of patrons.

The above mentioned background paint a picture of an investigator with tremendous training and instincts. In 2017, Rafael joined Nancy Planeta on the air to discuss different conspiracies from a trained investigative perspective, the combination was magic. Since catching the “radio bug”, has striven to pass on the knowledge and experience he’s gained through the years with multinational corporations, law enforcement and security professionals.


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