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Robert Bower is a man with a mind unlocked, unleashed, uncontrolled, unfiltered and not so unusual!

Thanks to an insatiable curiosity spread across a well fertilized field of imagination, he’s explored and become, a musician, artist, producer, engineer, indie music label owner, radio host, amateur historian and semiotician, citizen scientist, natural philosopher, technologist, Shiatsu practitioner, Tai Chi instructor, Taoist, psychonaut, father, grandfather and a Voice Over Artist 65 million years in the making…”I am one in many and many in one.”

Called “The Professor”, he’s the creator, producer and host of the original content series The Nexus premiering next month – “where interesting conversations about interesting subjects happen with interesting people”

An eclectic energetic being traveling in the current carbon-based human iteration, a pondering wanderer in the wonder that is.


Odyssey: Dare To Wonder

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