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Russ Haslage worked with ‘Star Trek’ creator Gene Roddenberry to produce the fan club/charity known as The Federation.  Launched in 1984, The Federation was the first fan organization of its time to focus on the human condition of today.   Roddenberry designed the organization to be the Federation as seen in ‘Star Trek’ in the real world voluntary organization of today.  The primary mission of The Federation as designed by Roddenberry is to do what the crew of the Enterprise does in every episode:  “…go places and help people.”

“Gene taught me so very much about his ideals…his dream of a world without bigotry, greed, hunger.  His vision is why I devote my life to the work of The Federation.  I just hope each day Gene looks down and is proud of what we have done with the organization he helped create,” Haslage states.

Odyssey is a part of the communications structure of The Federation.  Odyssey is designed to be the home for all fans with compelling programs on science fiction, science fact, the paranormal and fan news from around the globe.


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