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Join Dannie Anglin, Mark Baumgarten and Jarrod Cooper as they explore the Whoniverse. The show is bigger on the inside!

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Dr. Who Audiophiles crew

Danielle aka Dannie grew up in Texas where she where found her love of the stage. Danielle has performed on land and sea and lives for the arts. Danielle works with organizations in Central Florida to celebrate and promote them. Danielle is a sci-fi fan with a love of Star Trek and Dr Who! Danielle […]

When you grow up in South Alabama there are three things that you don’t want to be: Fat, Gay, or a Geek. Jarrod Cooper survived growing up in Alabama while being all three of these things. This led to a life that has seen him having watched loads of Sci-Fi (both good and bad), read […]

Doctor Who Fan since 1978, in 2012 Mark Baumgarten decided to use his Geekdom for Good and started a podcast called MarkWHO42. 6 years later, it has won awards, became a radio Show on Krypton Radio, and Mark has conducted over 130 interviews of Doctor Who and other genre celebrities! He used to participate in conventions around the country doing panels and moderating interviews as well. Maybe he will again...


Odyssey: Dare To Wonder

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