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Flash Gordon was a 1935 radio show adapted from a comic strip by Alex Raymond. The story is about the adventures of Flash Gordon, together with Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov. Gordon was a handsome graduate of Yale University. The plot involved the Earth being bombarded with meteors set on fire. According to Dr. Zarkov, the meteors were from outer space, so he invented a rocket ship to locate where those came from. He then kidnaps Flash and Dale, and the three of them traveled to the planet Mongo. There, they discovered that the meteors were weapons devised by Ming, the evil ruler of the planet.

The show’s cast includes Gale Gordon as Flash Gordon, Maurice Franklin as Dr. Zarkov, and Bruno Wick as Ming the Merciless. On October 26, 1935, after a total of 26 episodes, the series ended with Flash and Dale's marriage. Just after two days, the series was revived as a daily show, and had 74 episodes, with the last one airing on February 6, 1936.

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