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One of several space shows for the boomer kiddies (who were living the beginnings of the real space future themselves), Space Patrol had the distinction of being on TV and radio both, so it was one of the few shows that kids could follow in both mediums. The story lines and characters were the same, and even more amazing, the same performers played both the radio and TV roles! Ed Kemmer played Commander Buzz Corey of the United Planets Space Patrol with vigor and enthusiasm. His sidekick was Cadet Happy, portrayed by Lyn Osborn as something of a futuristic Robin, with lines like "Smokin' rockets, Buzz!" Together they blast off on their ship Terra V to patrol the vast reaches of "outer" space. Of course, a lot of boys thought they might grow up to be like Cadet Happy. Girls liked Carol Karlyle, played by Virginia Hewitt, who was the daughter of a very important leader of the United Planets and was in on the adventures.

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