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“Where Interesting Subjects with Interesting People result in Interesting Discussions.”

In a seemingly disconnected world of many elements from the physical to the meta physical, the esoteric to the exoteric, the reality of what we experience through our senses and consciousness is a deep and profoundly connected exo-verse of all things. It’s the Landscape of Awareness that determines what we find as we explore this thing we call life.

The Nexus is where connections are found, literally the point of convergence and synchronicity across what appear to disconnected components of the reality we experience resulting in paradigm and mind changing realizations. Exploring the nuggets of knowledge across established, emerging and rediscovered silos of information and teachings from ancient to modern disciplines of domain expertise, we find connections that can be subtle or profound…and most times both.

We pursue this journey by examining the works of independent researchers, thought explorers, scientists, philosophers, psychonaut’s and others leaving no subject behind.

Join the ongoing discussion with like minded individuals in The Nexus Forum at Bower.Media/TheNexus and continue the journey with us as we seek, find, uncover, observe, analyze and contemplate what we find as we wander in the wonder and ponder the possibilities.

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Robert Bower is a man with a mind unlocked, unleashed, uncontrolled, unfiltered and not so unusual! Thanks to an insatiable curiosity spread across a well fertilized field of imagination, he’s explored and become, a musician, artist, producer, engineer, indie music label owner, radio host, amateur historian and semiotician, citizen scientist, natural philosopher, technologist, Shiatsu practitioner, […]


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