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Trek Talking was first launched in April of 2015, we just finished up episode #257, what a road it’s been getting from there to here. Trek Talking started out doing reviews for Star Trek Attack Wing, which we still do, and has grown since that time. We currently discuss Star Trek Discovery, Short Treks and anything Star Trek related. The second Monday of the month is Comic Corner, we talk about the newest Star Trek comics to hit the shelves. We also interview actors, authors, comic artist, fan film writers/producers and promote Star Trek. Trek Talking is not just limited to Star Trek, we also talk Doctor Who, The Orville and anything of interest to sci-fi fans. Our show is live every Thursday Night at 7:30pm est , and, we encourage fans to call our studio line (646)668-2433. Trek Talking can be found on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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